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We are the official South African distributor for Dahon folding bikes.  
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A Dahon folding bike is the best folding bicycle in the world and the number one selling folding bike.                      
Don't forgot to read the 10 great reasons to buy a Dahon folding bike (Why a Dahon? - below).
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NEWSUnfortunately we are completely sold out at the moment. Due to the current R/$US exchange rate, we're not planning to import any more bikes any time soon!

Vybe D7 - SOLD OUT

The Vybe D7 is the best selling folding bike in South Africa. There's no better way to get around than a well-tuned Vybe! Our lightweight aluminium Vybe C7A gets you movin' with a fun retro design and seven speeds of versatility.  This groovy folding bike promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features today's busy people have come to love!
This bike comes with a 5 year frame warranty.
Colour: Matt black
More info here
Price: R5 495

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Vigor P9: SOLD OUT!

Probably the best and most beautiful folding bike around!
A lighter and more economically priced sibling of the famous Vector family, the P9 can tackle any urban jungle or breeze through any cinder path - and then fold down to be packed into the back of a car or in a train.  With a Dalloy Hydroformed frame and the versatility of a compact fold, experience the difference of a Vigor! 
This bike comes with a 5 year frame warranty.
Colour: Polished
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Why a Dahon?

10 Great Reasons to Purchase a Dahon Folding Bike
  • Design - Dahon is the leader in folding bike technology. They are the biggest folding bike company in the world and have just celebrated their 30 year anniversary in the business (2013).
  • One size fits all – from 1.42 -1.93 m (4'8" - 6'4") and a maximum weight of 105kg, the bikes really can fit almost anyone!
  • Security – With a Dahon folding bike there is no need for an external bike rack; just store the bike in the boot of your car, ready to use, anytime.
  • Small space – Store a Dahon folding bike under your desk at work, or in a cupboard in your apartment. No need to ‘lock-it’ outside and risk having your bike stolen.
  • Portability – With a little practice, anyone can manage the 15 second fold-up time.
  • Small bike, big ride – with today’s technology, Dahon produces foldable bicycles that can, and should, deliver a ride performance as good as or better than a traditional bike.
  • Commute – the missing link to public transport is here. Ride from your home to the station and then again from the station to your place of work. Green mobility is the way forward.
  • Travel – Take a Dahon folder on the plane, train, long distance bus or boat. This way you are mobile on arrival at your planned, or unplanned, destination. Camping is another option – just stash a bike in you camper van or caravan, and off you go.
  • Go one way – had one too many at the pub, or just feeling too tired to cycle the return journey? With a Dahon folding bike it’s no problem. Just catch a ride with a friend or pop your bike into the boot of a taxi.
  • Ready to Go – The bikes come fully assembled. Just unpack, unfold your bike and you are ready to go! 

How to Fold/Unfold?

Congrats on your Dahon folding bike online order! 
Please watch this video before the delivery of your bike; so that, after you take the bike out of it's box, you'll be riding within seconds... Enjoy!


What's the best folding bicycle in the world?  
Easy question that one; It's a Dahon folding bike!
Because Dahon are the world's leading manufacturer of folding bikes. They started it all, and the company is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year. Dahon have the biggest and the best price/quality range of folding bikes you can find (just Google it!).  If it's not a Dahon...  well, sorry, you probably bought the wrong folding bike!  Their range is enormous (check their complete range on and they know what  they're talking about, because they have been making folders (and nothing else) for the last 30 years!  Impressive!
Waouw, that's pretty serious?  
Yes, we know...
Ok, but what about you?  
We are the sole and exclusive importers and distributors for Dahon bikes in South Africa.


"We strive to only have HAPPY customers":
Thanks, I have received my Vybe today and am impressed how neatly it is set up. I took it for a ride around the block but finally it was more like around the area!
Johan vd W - Johannesburg

I am a proud owner of a Dahon P8 folding bicycle. I find that my commute is now extremely flexible and uninhibited by problems on buses and trains. I can hop on a bus or train and at any point, I can just hop off and start riding! Dahon makes some awesomely fast folders - my Dahon P8 rides just as fast as my high-end road bike and is more comfortable. The smaller wheels also make it far more agile in city traffic. More people need to get a Dahon folder and get used to moving around town in some other way than in a car.  
Look out for the Dahon folding bike concept store in Bree Street, Cape Town. Jan and Jo will advise you on the pros and cons of their Dahon bike range, adding their own little stories of their travels and experiences on folding bikes while travelling through Africa. If you want to buy a folding bike this is seriously the place, and whether you deal with Jan or Jo you will not be disappointed. Thanks to this outfit with absolutely excellent customer service and zero hassle. Definitely recommended!
Ronel W. - Blouberg

I spent sometime reseaching the subject of Folding Bikes before settling on Dahon, a P8 from Dahon SA in CT. A Pleasantly seemless experience from

About Us

Indigo Trading SA is the official distributor and importer of Dahon folding bicycles for South Africa.  Dahon is the world leader on folding bikes, and the company recently celebrated their 30th anniversary.  As the reference to folding bikes, Dahon has the most extensive and exclusive range of folding bicycles in the world.  
Indigo trading SA is run by Jan Wouters and his partner Jo Charnock.  
"We are passionate about folding bikes and rode our folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town a few years ago, almost certainly a first in Africa."
You won't find a team more passionate about folding bikes in this country!
We are based in Cape Town.
 NOTE: Dahon SA is a subsidiary of Indigo yacht management cc.(registration number: 2004/033262/23).